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In year 2000, i graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore under the course of Legal Studies. 

I started working in Messrs Shooklin & Bok since 2000 as a paralegal under the Banking Litigation department in AIA Tower, Raffles Place. I was there about two years drafting court documents serving about 9 Banking litigation lawyers in the team, we did documents like Letter of demands, Writ of Summons, Memorandum of Service, Judgments, Writ of Seizure, Bankruptcy Petitions, and Bankruptcy Orders. 

I moved on to Messrs Mark Han & Advocates in 2002, and was there till 2004. I took on the role of a credit collections officer with Mark Han, servicing our one and major Client Citibank NA for their delinquent accounts on home loans, credit cards and car loans. My tasks at Mark Han mainly involved the advisory work to the credit collections banking officers to assist them in the chasing of the monies back into the bank's accounts. We proved to be useful to our client then for all the cost effective methods that we employ, tying in with our legal knowledge in the field. 

In 2004 end, i joined Citibank as one of the retentions officer for their car loans, doing refinancing of the loans for their customers' existing accounts. This was a really exciting job which involves retention and serving of clients to make them happy not to leave the bank. 
In 2005, i seek for a transfer to the Balance transfer team of Citibank under car loans, this time, work in a way was similar, but this is more challenging because we are supposed to port the customers over from another bank. We have to deal with the customers with Professionalism and Speed with accuracy in order to win them over. 
In total, i stayed with Citibank for about two years. 

2006, I took the leap of faith into Real Estate. And i am still in this business. 

At first i was excited over the commissions earned but soon realised that without skills and knowledge, such commissions will never come to me. 

My first few resale unforgettable cases concluded were namely, a deceased case referred by my friend for a unit in Jurong West, a divorce case where the Married woman forgot to retrieve the final order, a matured couple whose husband was facing a retrenchment during the down period with two kids pending University study bills to take care of, a divorced couple where the wife was diagnosed with final stage of cancer, both husband and wife were bankrupt and negative sale. 
I also did a case where the seller is an Agent himself and i managed to sell the property off for him at exceptionally high price. 

For my rental cases, i have also done quite a few times of chasing out the tenants who refused to pay, as well as helping the landlord to conduct inspections upon taking back of property. 

All the cases mentioned above, held my heart steadfast to property. I realised that this is indeed the most meaningful job i have ever done. 

I hope to continue on with this career i deeply feel for, and also look forward to serving more genuine customers who needs help to rent and dispose of their properties from time to time. 
On top of all that i mentioned, being with ERA gave me a new avenue to service my clients further to help build up their assets portfolio due to the vast choices of Developer projects that we have under our belt. 

Last but not least, should you be looking for a dedicated sales person to help you push for the best possible price, please put me into your consideration.- Anna Ng ERA 91448667

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Anna Ng
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